Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well we made a decision as far as Matthew and sleeping goes. After much talk, we decided to start letting him Cry It Out at night. I know he is capable of sleeping through the night and is just waking up out of habit now. I know this because Brett gave him a bottle last week and he only took 1 oz of it. And he has been nursing less, just doing it to fall asleep. So, last night I rocked him till he was really drowsy and then put him down. He woke up but I left him to settle down on his own. After about 20 mins of fussing and crying, he feel asleep. I fed him at 11 and then he was up at 2:45. So I turned the video monitor on so I could see him and let him cry. Little stubborn bugger cried for 59 mins! I felt awful but could see him falling asleep, waking up and crying. So he was tired but just didn't know how to get back to sleep on his own. He did sleep then until 6:15, which is when I got up and fed him and he was awake for the day. I think tonight will be much better, he should settle faster.

K has been pretty much giving up her naps. Even the movie in the afternoon doesn't put her to sleep very often. But I keep the rule that she has to lay on the couch so at least she is getting some down time to rest.

We're busy planning her b-day party. It's Cars theme. B and I ordered her party stuff on-line last night, discounted. I got her a cake from Meijer too. In order to keep the party at our house a little small, I'm having some of her friends whose moms are at home over a few days before the party. That way she has some friends but not everyone at the same time. And we're not serving lunch like we have in the past, just cake and ice cream. Too much work!

MK is going well. I had 2 parties last week and 2 this week. The two this week should be good money-wise because they are the tradition skincare parties. I have 2 contests that I want to win this month so I gotta work hard! I did make Star Consultant and picked out a purse. Should be in soon.

We had Matthew's dedication this past weekend. Pastor Fred said some nice things about M and our family. He had Brett introduce our guests. Sara, Nick, Owen and Sophie were able to come, that was awesome. I hadn't met Sophie yet and hadn't seen Sara since May. It makes me miss her more and more. We'll probably take a trip up there in January or something. After the dedication we had brunch at our house which was very nice. Lynk, Nancy and Alex came for that and stayed till half time of the Colts game. Everyone else left about 12. Sara and family stayed until 1 or so.

Well, that's about it. I'll try to post this week to update on M's sleeping.