Monday, December 04, 2006

Wow, been a long time. Sorry about that. Let's see what has happened in the last 2 months.

Kylie is potty trained!! She just decided in early October that she was done wearing diapers, they were for babies. And she had some accidents but did very well. Even with the poop, she did well. We got her My Little Ponies for every poop for about a week, then once a week. But now she is doing it all on her own, doesn't even want help at all. She'll just yell if she needs help with wiping. What a great thing potty trained kids are. It is so easy now, I just ask before we leave if she needs to go and that's it. Very nice.

Matthew is still not sleeping. We have tried letting him Cry It Out (CIO) twice. Once at 5 months and once at almost 7 months. Doesn't work with him. He'll just cry and cry and cry for 90 mins at a time. He just doesn't seem to know how to settle back down. This last time, which was just this weekend, he would cry, fall asleep, wake up and cry again, all in 5 mins. We did stop swaddling him at 6 months and he really likes to sleep on his stomach and/or side. No more back sleeping for him. And he has found a blanket that he likes a lot too. I think we'll just keep doing what we've been doing - getting up every 2-4 hours at night. Maybe he'll figure it out on his own. I can only hope.

Kylie turned 3 in November. She had a Cars themed party. She just loves Lighting McQueen. The movie came out on video on her b-day so that was cool. She pretends to be different cars in the movie all. day. long. so you have to act with her. It's crazy how well she remembers the movie. It was a nice party, we had a small party with her friends Emma and Camille on Friday and then her larger, family party on Sunday.

Don't remember if I wrote or not but we had Matthew dedicated at church on October 1st. He did very well, smiled at the pastor and everything. He sure is growing. He's in 6-12 month clothes now. Sitting up very well. He'll probably be crawling in the next month or so. What a challenge that will be! It's hard enough keeping Kylie from giving him things he shouldn't have but once he's able to move, he'll be grabbing and finding EVERYTHING!

MK is going well. I won the contest this fall by having 5 bookings every month for 3 months. I will get a purple ring, necklace and earring set. Next time Cindy, my boss comes down, she'll bring them. I also reached the Ruby Consulant level and got a really neat leather purse. I'm on track to get the Sapphire Consulant level this quarter. I think I'll pick a nice leather band watch. I don't like the other gift choices this time (another purse and an organizer).

Matthew won't eat food. He apparently likes breastmilk so much that nothing else tastes good. He won't eat rice or oatmeal cereal, pears, applesauce, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash or carrots. He did eat some mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. And he does eat Cheerios and Fruit Poofs. But he sure can't live on those! The dr isn't worried, most of his nutrition comes from BM anyways, the food is just to get him used to textures and learning to feed himself.

He moved into size 3 diapers this weekend. Weighed almost 16 lbs at his 6 month appt. Kylie as 24lbs, 34 inches at her 3 year appt. Still very small for her age but healthy so the dr isn't worried. We're going to start her in gymnastics in January. See how she likes that. Matthew is in Gymboree now too. He's doing good pushing with his legs which is a pre-crawling skill. He also has "discovered" his tongue. he's constantly sticking it out and smiling. Very cute but I'm glad I got their Christmas pics done before he learned this new skill!

Getting ready for Christmas. We're going to get our tree on Saturday. I've got a lot of present bought but still need to get some. The kids have way to much stuff. I started buying for them back in August and kinda lost track of how much I had gotten. Oh well, we'll do better next year. I have decorated the house some. Kylie helped me put out the nativity. She likes baby Jesus and the sheep best. She was talking a lot about Santa last week until I told her that Christmas wasn't about Santa, that it was Jesus's b-day. That got her interested and she asked what Jesus got for presents! I'm glad her pre-school will talk to her about Christmas too, so it will be re-enforced for her.

Anyways, Matthew is awake and has a poopy diaper. I'll try to get back into the habit of posting more.