Sunday, January 02, 2011

Kylie's birthday

Kylie turned 7 on November 7, 2010.  It was her "golden birthday", meaning she turned the age of the date of her birth.  For her party on Saturday, she went to the nail salon with two friends and then had Mexican food back at our house.  On Sunday, we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and opened presents back at our house. 

Kylie has had a big year this year.  Finishing Kindergarten and starting first grade.  She is getting excellent grades at school and seems to be making friends easily.  She continues to love dance, it seems to be her passion.  Kylie dances all the time at home, she dances more then she walks.  She loves her American Girl Dolls (Elizabeth was a birthday present and she bought Molly with her own money in March) and plays with them daily.  Kylie is reading more and more now and is a very good speller.  She actually got 100% on every spelling test in Kindergarten with the except of her very last one (the sub pronouced a word differently then the teacher normally did and it confused Kylie).  Kylie plays with Matthew very well and likes to mother him.  She can be bossy and is getting more of an attitude but is quick to apologize too. 

We love you, Kylie!  You are such a blessing from God.
Kylie was a little toothless this summer!  She lost both front teeth within a few weeks of each other.

Kylie and her BFF, Lindsay, going to the movies together.

Kylie went to a Dance Intensive camp at Curtain Call this summer.  She was cast as a duckling in "Peter and the Wolf".

Kylie was quick to fall in love with our new puppy, Guinness.

Silly bands were a hit with her this summer.

I took her and our friends, Nancy and Alex Holland, to see the Jonas Brothers in August.  It was a really fun concert.  Kylie danced the whole time, even when she was on my shoulders!

First day of First Grade!

Pedicures for her birthday.

Kylie, Alyleah and Lindsay letting their nails dry.

Kylie and I went to the Nutcracker Brunch before her show.
 The Christmas season starts off with our family Christmas party.   We welcomed over 50 people to our house and just had a terrific time with everyone.  Plenty of food, friends and fellowship. 

 Brett and his Fulton Wrestlers
 Guinness was perfect all night, wore her shirt and laid on the couch, waiting to be petted.

 Our family Christmas card picture
Some of the kids at our party.
Christmas Eve was celebrated with Brett's family, as has become our tradition.  We had Tonya and her family join us for dinner and then went to the early service at church.  Brett's parents came back to our house and we took our time opening presents.  The kids got some great gifts as did Brett and I.  Brett was very sweet and made sure to get nearly everything I had on my list, everything from coffee to a blender.  No jewelery, we're getting more practical now!  Sharon said she loved her Vera Bradley purse that we got her so that was a big bonus.

I had the kids call Norad's Santa Tracker throughout the day.  I could have kissed the soldier who told Matthew that kids needed to be in bed by 8:30 or it would put Santa behind on his schedule.  Well, our little man put himself to bed at 8:27 and was yelling for Kylie to get to bed too!  Brett and I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" and went to bed ourselves.

Christmas morning arrived early when Kylie came into our room, wide away at 5:23.  I wanted her to go back to bed but Brett, the softy that he is, let her get Matthew up so we were all downstairs by 5:30!  The kids got some great presents, they each got a DSi XL, which was their main gift.

Matthew really wanted Criss-Cross Crash. 

 Think Kylie was excited about this gift??  It's her DSi XL.
 Matthew also got a DSi XL.  These kids must have been good.
Lots of AG stuff too, Santa knows what 7 year old girls like.

After presents were opened, I made my traditional monkey bread - yummy!!  Brett and I helped open and put together the presents.  And we had plenty of time for the kids to just relax and play.  Brett even got in a run! We drove up to my parent's new house about 11:30.  I can't even explain how nice it was to only drive 20 mins on Christmas day. And to sleep in our beds every night. But still see my parents, GG and sister nearly every day. It really was ideal for our family.  

Sarah and GG were both at mom's so it was really special to spend so much time with them.  We had a delicious Christmas meal, mom outdid herself, as usual.  Then we opened some presents.  Everyone enjoyed their gifts!

 This is the look you get when you say something ridiculous.  Brett knows this look well.
Grandpa Mathews learning how to use Matthew's new toy.

 Guinness came over to Grandma's and did very well with staying off the couch.  Helped that she had a new blanket and toys.
 Sure is a lot of presents for poor people!
 Aunt Sarah is a glowing soon-to-be bride
Matthew got a new Star Wars shirt.  "Judge me by my size, do you?"

Kylie made the switch, she enjoyed getting clothes just as much as toys this year.  Sniff.

I finally got her cross-stitch finished!  Only took 18 months!

Grandma loved her  new Vera!

Matthew and Brett reading his new book from Aunt Tracy and Uncle Josh (who couldn't join us this year but were there in spirit)

GG enjoyed spending time with us and beating us in Scrabble and Wii Bowling.

Sunday morning we were back over to Kingfisher Drive for more good times.  Jack and Brenda drove up for the day/night so we had fun catching up with them.  We played some Guessitures, which Kylie loved and was pretty good at!
Kylie and Matthew got an old-school Snoopy Sno-cone Machine from Tracy and Josh.  We used it right away!

Matthew, Brett and Grandpa putting together Matthew's new Lego set from Aunt Sarah and Mike.  Matthew lost interest, Grandpa got called away so I stepped in.  It took several hours but we got it put together!

Uncle Josh helped Kylie with Guessitures.  I think this was "Afraid".

Aunt Brenda helped too.

Grandma did a good Frankenstein.

Jack and Kylie acting out "Dance".

Matthew enjoyed showing Grandpa all the cool things his DS can do.  The kid put it down only when it had to re-charge.  We now had time limits in place.

GG, Kylie and Aunt Sarah after their sleep-over on Sunday  night.

I took Mom and Sarah for a trail run on Tuesday afternoon.  We went 5 miles, a new record for Mom!

We also went shopping for flower girl and Matron of Honor dresses on Monday.  It took some time but we found the perfect dress for both Kylie and I.  Mom found a dress as well.  We'll be some good looking ladies on April 9th.

I surprised Sarah with tickets to see "Wicked" on her last night.  We had dinner at BARcelona Tapas, which was super-yummy.  Then we enjoyed a nice walk up to the theater, enjoyed the awesome show and headed home.  It was a really nice way to spend some one-on-one time with Sarah before she needed to fly home.

So, it really was a terrific Christmas season.  We got to spend time with all our loved ones, which made it very special.