Thursday, April 29, 2010

Matthew's Spring Discovery Days Performance

Tonight was Matthew's Spring Performance at his preschool, Discovery Days. They do such a top-notch job there, we've been so pleased with each year (this was our 5th year!). And tonight did not disappoint. The theme was "Rock and Bob Cafe". Everything was decorated like the 50's. The teachers do so much work to pull this off every year, we just love it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kylie, the performer.

She loves this country song by Carrie Underwood called "American Girl". I have it on my iPod so we listen to it often. And I burnt her a copy of it on CD so she can listen to it in her room as well. Kylie loves to sing along. Here is a video of her singing while we're waiting for the bus last week (I was heading to the gym which is why we drove to the bus stop).

She is very embarrassed that I posted this. but Kylie, you are our American Girl. And don't get some boy wrapped around your finger just yet!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Late night visitor

Woke up last night with Matthew's nose about an inch from my own. "Mommy, I'm cold, can I cuddle with you?" Gotta cherish these moments, this little man will be turning 4 in a few weeks, someday soon he won't want to cuddle with me. :-(

Saturday, April 10, 2010

15 k training run - near perfect run!!

I wasn't sure how today was going to go, since I had the flu last week and still had some head congestion. But I also had a really strong tempo run on Thursday so I felt confident that I could do well. I had run this race last year and finished with a 1:14 time but had some stomach issues (puked twice) and dressed too warmly. So this year I just wanted to improve in those aspects and keep my time under 1:16.
I was lucky enough to have some friends join me - Brett, Lynk and Nancy were all running as well as my Spark People friends John and his wife Rhonda. The weather was perfect, 40 degrees to start, sunny and dry. We started in the middle of the pack so there was a huge crowd in front of us. Suddenly, they waved the green flag and we were off.
Brett and John took off together right away while I said "Bye, good luck" to Rhonda and started weaving around the walkers and slower runners. I knew there was a decent little downhill at about 1/2 mile in and I wanted to take advantage of that to catch some speed. But the crowd was too tight, so I hopped up on the sidewalk and kicked it into gear. I hit the first mile marker with a time of 8:24 - whoa, gonna have to pick it up to make my time.
Miles 2-3 went well, the crowd thinned out and I picked up some speed. I took 3 Chomps at mile 4, right before a water station. I started feeling warm about mile 5. I was wearing a long-sleeved tech tee with a short sleeved tee over top of it. I knew I wanted to shed the s/s one but my bib was pinned to it. Drat. Well, rather then stop to undo it, take off my shirt, re-pin my bib to the l/s shirt, I just decided to do all that while running! I did prick my finger on the safety pin but managed to lose that layer (tucked it into the back of my shorts) while keeping a 8:07 pace! Hope blood comes out of tech shirts though....
Mile 6-7 went very smoothly, still maintaining good pace. I started to pick someone in the crowd in front of me and pass them, one at a time. At one point, about mile 7, I had picked a tall guy in a light blue shirt. As soon as I caught up to him, he saw me. Guess he didn't want to get "chicked" (running term for being passed by a girl) because he straightened his shoulders and picked up the pace. LOL, hopefully that helped him get back on pace because I didn't see him again. Took another set of Chomps at mile 7.
At this point my legs and lungs are still feeling really good and I know that I'm going to finish strong. There is a nice downhill at mile 8 so I pick up a little speed there too. The crowd is really spread out at this point but I continue to find someone and pick them off, one at a time. I see the mile marker for #9 and the gun time was 1:14 (my actually time was about :60 less). With 3/10th left, I knew I wouldn't break 1:14 but would be under 1:16. I pick up the pace, wanting to finish strong. I come around the corner, see the finish line and see a guy about 10 yards in front of me. I decided right then that I was going to pass him so I sprint to the end!! I hear Brett and John cheering me on as I cross the finish line with a time of 1:15:32, a 8:07 per mile pace. Woo-hoo!
I stretched out and chatted with the guys about their run. They had actually ran the whole way together, something new for them both. I think Brett helped John reach a new PR, at least that's what John said. Rhonda finished strong as well, just under her goal time.

Funny side note - Lynk and Nancy were running late. He dropped her off at the starting line while he parked the car. He was literally the last person to cross the start line and had to sprint to catch up with the sag wagon! He was never passed and ran a strong race, even after sprinting over a 1/2 mile!

So, it was a great race. I think I could have hung on to that pace for another 4 miles or so, which would have been a half. Guess we'll see on May 8th!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Big week for us - spring break!
Monday was a cooler day so we didn't do much. Tuesday was a beautiful day and we went to the Children's Museum. Wednesday was the big, exciting day for Kylie and I. We had been invited by friends to go to Chicago to see the musical "Beauty and The Beast". Of course, we would need to visit American Girl Place as well! Here are some pictures:

Kylie had decided that she wanted Molly, the American Girl doll from the World War II era. She also liked that this doll had braids because her other AG doll, Kirsten, has braids so they will "look more like sisters" this way. Kylie used her very best manners all day, it's so easy to want to do fun things like this with her when she is such a wonderful child. It was a long day but it was a fun day.
Thursday was a beautiful, warm day, high of 80 degrees! We hit the gym then we visited the Westside Pride Park for a while. On the way home, we decided to pick up some trash that has been annoying me on my runs. I always run past this junk and think "Yuck, someone needs to pick that garbage up." Well, I decided we were going to pick that trash up. The kids enjoyed it for about 3 minutes! But we filled up a bag and a small part of the road looks better.
Friday was not good, I started feeling crumby Thursday evening and went to bed early. By early Friday morning, I was down right yucky feeling. Brett went into work and the kids took care of themselves for the most part. I slept most of the day, Kylie and Matthew played and behaved very well. Dick picked them up about 3:30. I had wanted to get in my long run that evening (10 miles) but considering the fact that I could hardly get my head off the pillow, that wasn't happening. Brett got home and continued to take care of me. I started feeling better in the middle of the night, which was good since we were volunteering at the Children's Museum on Saturday.
Brett and I were volunteering for Disney's "Give a day, get a day" promotion. By volunteering one day, we each earned a free ticket to Disneyworld, which works perfectly for our upcoming June vacation. We were working the slide, we split our time helping people get on and off the slide. The day went pretty quickly and was worth time to earn free admission (saving us $180!!). Woo-hoo.
One of the best things to happen was Brett got free tickets to the NCAA Final Four game that Butler was playing in. He took his father, who actually went to Butler for 2 years, with him. And guess what - the Bulldogs won!!! Woo-hoo, so exciting for them! And so cool that Brett got to be there too.
So that's about it for us lately.