Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here is Kylie's latest question:

"Why did Darth Vader have to die??"

Ok, first off she has never seen Star Wars. But we did have the SW stamps this summer and she has seen the figurines at the Children's Museum. So she knows who DV is and that he was a bad guy. So, we're at the post office yesterday, waiting in a long line. She sees some SW stamps on the wall and yells for everyone to hear "Look Mommy, Darth Vader!!!". The 30something guy behind me raises his eyebrows in an impressed fashion. Then she pops the big question "Why did DV have to die?". And the guy behind me laughs to himself while I try to explain that DV was a bad guy and that's what happens to bad guys in movies. Then I get the "Why was he a bad guy?". And I laughed and said she needs to talk to her Uncle Josh to get his opinion on that!

Things are good here. Matthew is now walking and walking everywhere! He really likes his new found independence. He has 9 teeth, 7 which he got this summer. He's talking some, say Mama, Dada, Ball, bird and eye. He can point to his nose and sometimes to his belly or eye. He loves playing with Kylie's Cars and she doesn't seem to mind. I guess it's been long enough since she loved them that she can share without a fit.

Kylie is ready for school to start, which will after Labor Day. She will be going two days a week this time and I think that's great for her. And she has several friends from last years class in her new class. She is really into Hello Kitty and My Little Pony. I think one of those will probably be her b-day party. She starts ballet on Monday. I think that she will like that better then gymnastics. She sits so long while waiting her turn at gymnastics that it gets boring for her and frustrating for me. With ballet, she will be doing stuff all the time, following the teacher and things. So we'll see how it goes.

Brett is interviewing for the head coaching position at Chapel Hill 7th and 8th grade center. He will probably get it if he wants it. It's a shorter season then the high school and less stress. I told him that he had my support. It will keep him in the wrestling system for a few more years which will help when Matthew gets older. And he'll be happy to help out some kids again.

That's about it for us.