Sunday, March 06, 2016

Dragons anyone??

So, my favorite mail came in yesterday, a black package with the return address of InkNBurn.  Woo-hoo!  I've been very excited to get some new Spring running clothes, hoping that it will be the push I need to get though the wet, cool March runs.  

As usual, InkNBurn didn't disappoint, producing a new skirt in my most favorite theme, Ryu.  This dragon theme came out last spring with capris, a tech shirt, a tank and shorts.  I feared that would be all that would be produced in the dragon theme and was so happy when a Ryu pullover came out this winter.  I swear I've worn it every week since I got it!  So, imagine my delight when InkNBurn came out with the Ryu skirt!  Eek!!  I love running in skirts and I really was pleased with the new skirt design that came out in the fall. 

The fabric of the skirt is very light and smooth. I can't even describe it but it's just fun to rub your hands on.  There are shorts underneath that are just a tad bit longer then the skirt so they poke out, showing off the accent design.  Two large pockets at the front of the shorts are a bonus, big enough to easily fit my Samsung Galaxy 6 and several gels.  The shorts stay in place and are long enough that I didn't need to worry about chafing.  Basically, this skirt is the bomb and I'll wear it like crazy. 

So, InkNBurn also put out a new tech shirt which is equally cool.  This one is a Phoenix with brilliant oranges and reds.  I love the idea of the Phoenix story, strength rising from the ashes and this shirt didn't disappoint. The tech material, called Dry Ice, keeps you cool even in the hottest of temps.  The colors in this shirt match the accent flowers in the Ryu skirt perfectly. 

So, I took them both out for a long run today.  Temps were 48° and sunny.  I ran a comfortable 12 miles and felt confident and strong in my Phoenix and Dragon outfit, while listening to Harry Potter on Audible. Kinda perfect, don't you think? 

Oh, I need to tell you that I recently became an Ink N Burn ambassador although I purchased this outfit before finding out and haven't been compensated for it.  But, you should know for future reference. 

I tried to add pics but Blogger is acting funny.  I did publish a blog with pics last week so you can see that below.