Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So I'm still working out. I have lost 10+ lbs since April. I went to Gap on Monday to spend my b-day gc from Sarah and actually had to ask the worker to get me a smaller size in something. How fun is that?? I usually work out 5 days a week. 30 mins on the elliptical (about 3.5 miles) and 30-40 mins on the weights. I'm looking better and feeling great. I would like to lose another 4-7 lbs but will see how it goes after I hit my goal weight which is 4 more lbs.

Some of our friends from Sunday School, daughter was stillborn on Saturday. Very, very sad. They found out on Thursday that she had died. A, the mother, was past her due date but wanted to wait to go into labor naturally, not be induced. Then I guess there was some type of complication that caused the baby to die. How awful is that? She had that baby living in her for 40+ weeks, felt it move, was all ready for her to be born and then BAM, the baby is dead. So she was induced on Saturday and Baby Girl was born that afternoon. They are having a memorial service on Saturday. Our small group is in charge of bringing fruit type side dishes. I'm making a 5 cup salad. I don't know what to say to A and C but want to be there for support. We did get a nice card and a little votive candle holder that looks like stone. It says "I am with you always" with a cross on it. I thought it would be a nice something to have to remind that that God is with them during this unimaginably hard time.
This baby dying really hit me. A and I aren't super close but I know her well. And I know she's a good mom to her other 3 kids. And that poor little baby, dies before she even lives. I know God knows what He's doing but man, the hurt, confusion and pain must be unreal. I broke down in tears several times this past weekend, just thinking about what they must be going through. Most of the time I can't even come up with words to pray, I just let the Spirit speak for me. And I hug Kylie and Matthew and thank God that I have them.

Speaking of the kids - Matthew is doing good. He had a great b-day party. I made 2 turtle cakes that turned out well. He got some nice presents too. Mom and dad were very big helps. He's not walking yet or talking either. That does worry me sometimes, the talking more then the walking. But most moms of boys that I know say it takes a long time. And since he's a second child, Kylie does lots of talking for him. I'm sure he's ok, but I'm waiting for something to start with him. He does cover his eyes and plays peek-a-boo now. And he'll wave but with his whole arm so you don't really always know if he's waving or if he's flailing around. But he knows how to work Kylie's Dora powerwheel. He pushes that button down and takes off. He doesn't go far, only 6 inchs or so at a time before he lets go of the button but he sure has fun with it!

Kylie is busy with camp, Gymboree, gymnastics and ballet right now. She is so cute in ballet, I just love it. And she seems to like it too. I think we'll be dropping Gymboree for her this fall. She'll be in school 2 days, gymnastics and probably ballet too so something has to go.

Well, that's about. I'm beat so I'm going to bed. :)
Cha-cha-changes. That's whats going on now in my life! I finally did it. I got LASIK surgery on my eyes. It was kinda a fast process. I was planning on waiting till August when our vacations were over and dad was able to come to help. But I wanted the eval done now so I could get an idea of the prices. So I went for the eval on Monday and they said I was a perfect candidate for LASIK, not the more painful PRK like Josh had. So I told them that I wanted it done in August and explained why. Turns out that you only have to stay out of the water for 1 week instead of two, which was a major bonus for our long weekends at Kings Island and other swim time fun this summer. And they had appointments available for the next day (they lose money by not having the dr in surgery) so they gave me a $1000 discount!! So that sealed the deal.
Sharon drove me and the kids up there on Tuesday for the surgery. She and Dick hung out at the mall with the kids while I was having the procedure. They re-examined my eyes and then I waited and watched some other people have the surgery done. They had an all glass wall in the surgery room so you could watch all the other people ahead of you having their eyes done. That was weird. I watched for about 30 seconds and decided I didn't want to see anymore!
The actual surgery went very well. They gave me stress balls to hold on to, which I used! And I had a Valium about 30 mins before but it hadn't kicked in yet. Turns out its more to force you to rest afterwards, not relax beforehand. They numbed my eyes with eye drops and then taped my eyelashes up. Then they took these metal things that pried my eyes open. That kinda hurt a little bit. Next they put this plastic thing with a circle cut into it over my eyeball and suctioned my eye. That was uncomfortable. The whole time I'm looking at a red light. Then it goes black (they warn you that it will happen), then you see the light again. Then the laser starts and you hear a click, click, click as it's zapping your eyeball. Then all of the sudden the flap gets put back and the red dot is in focus. Then they do the same to the other eye and then you're done. I sat up and could see!! It was watery, like i was looking under water but I could still see.
Sharon drove me home and took the kids back to her house for the night. I slept for 2 hours, ate dinner and watched some TV. I could already see better but knew it would improve overnight. So this morning, I woke up and the first thing I saw was the ceiling fan - in focus!!! It was crazy. I went to my follow-up appt at 8 and I'm seeing 20/20 already.It's amazing. I'm so glad I had it done.
I have a f/u appt next Wednesday and another one in a few months. Then I just need to keep up with my yearly eye exams to keep the warranty intact. Very cool.