Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nighttime visitors

Our kids are great sleepers but occassionally they need us. Seems like this has been happening more lately.

Last week I woke up about 3:30am to see Matthew's face a few inches from my own. "Mommy, I'm cold, can I cuddle with you?" Who can say no to that?

Earlier this week, about the same time, I hear footsteps in our room. Kylie comes up to me and says "I'm going to eat a banana peel and go to the bathroom." Whaaa-tt??? So I tell her to go to the bathroom and I follow her to make sure she doesn't fall down the stairs in her daze. Pretty sure she never actually woke up. She sure didn't remember anything about it when I asked her in the morning. But she thought it was funny.

And just for fun, since it is spring break this week, we let the kids sleep on Matthew's floor in their sleeping bags. They've done this the past few nights, giggling for a few minutes before conking out. It's very cute.

These midnight wanderings might not allow Brett and I much sleep but they are special!