Monday, December 06, 2010

My Tiny Dancer!

Kylie danced in The Nutcracker this weekend.  It was put on by her dance studio, Curtain Call Dance Academy.  This was their 5th year.  Kylie had two parts - she was a mouse in the Battle Scene and a nymph in the Lemonade Sea. 
Practice started in September and was nearly every Saturday for several hours.  Kylie really put a lot of time into it but never complained.  She seemed to love every minute of it.  And it showed in her performance. 
I was working backstage during the second show and wearing headphones which allowed me to get directions from the director and stage hands.  While Kylie was finishing her Battle Scene, I heard the owner of the company who was working in the sound booth tell the director how cute Kylie was.  And the director said "Yes, she is.  And she's a good listener and hard worker.  She's the perfect triple play."  So nice to hear other people talk about how great your kid is!

I think Kylie's eyes were really opened to how much goes into putting on a show like this.  On our way home, she remarked that the dancers are just a little part of the show, that the director, backstage crew, parents, sound and lighting people do so much too.  It was nice to see her start to understand the bigger picture and appreciate what others are doing to make it such a good show. 
Well, enought writing about it, here are the videos!

Battle Scene

Lemonade Sea

Nutcracker Finale