Sunday, November 14, 2010

Age Group Awards for me AND mom!!

Yup, couldn't be more proud of my mom. She started running this summer to lose weight and improve her cardio health.  She got hooked and let me talk her into running this small 5k today. 126 people ran/walked/rolled it (it was a fundraiser for the Indianapolis wheelchair rugby team).

Weather was perfect, low 50's and sunny. Mom took my advice and wore short sleeves and capris but was complaining at the start that she was cold. I kept assuring her that she would warm up fast. Countdown started and we were off. She wanted me to run my race and then double back to bring her in. So I did that. I can tell that I have raced in months because I was struggling pretty fast at my normal 5k RP of 7:30. So I slowed it down to 8:00 and held on to that. Finished with my worst 5k time ever, 25:18. Oh well, not bad for only putting in about 20 miles TOTAL since my marathon in September.

I turned around and jogged back up the course to find mom. Found her about 1/2 mile away and ran back with her. She was hold on to a steady pace but was working really hard, didn't want to chat at all! She finished strong with a time of 39:30! Her goal was to break 45:00!

We cooled down and enjoyed some post race apples and cookies while we waited for the awards to start. I figured I was out of awards contention since I bonked so bad and saw a few ladies pass me. Last year I had a 3rd place overall finish here and the year before won my age group so I was feeling a little bummed. But I knew there was a chance that mom could pull out an award.

So I was surprised when they called my name for 2nd place in my AG (got a key chain). But the thrill of my day was when they called my mom's name! She was so shocked that she actually jumped out of her seat. She won a pumpkin pie. But the huge smile on her face was the prize for us all.

As we were walking through the parking lot, mom was proudly holding her pie. And she asked me "Do they have 5k's in December?? Because I want to do another one right away." So I think we're doing a Jingle Bell run next month together. She's hooked.

Proud of you mom!!!